What to Look for in an Appliance Warranty

a customer and a salesman discuss appliance warranty

The financial investment that a homeowner makes, when selecting and purchasing appliances for the home, is ranked second only to the initial investment of buying the home itself. Since appliances usually do not come with lifetime manufacturer warranties and are subject to breakdowns that require expensive repairs or replacements, it just makes sense for a homeowner to consider the added protection of the purchase of an appliance warranty. The process of securing an appliance warranty that will provide long-term coverage for your appliances can be made easier by being aware of at least 7 things that you need to look for in your appliance warranty.

Do Comparison Shopping

The ‘one size fits all’ appliance protection plan is non-existent. Once you have taken stock of all the appliances and systems that require coverage in your home, you should narrow your selection down to at least three prospective appliance warranty companies. Check your own list against what is being offered by each one. Then compare the list of covered appliances and systems, the length of the warranty contracts, hours of availability, whether or not authorized personnel will be assigned to service your appliances, coverage limits, a number of service charges, and any fees.

Verify The Credibility of the Warranty Company

It is vital that you perform investigative research in connection with the warranty company prior to signing a contract for appliance protection coverage. You should check with your area’s Better Business Bureau for membership and any past or pending complaints. Take note of any complaint resolutions accomplished by the appliance warranty company and the time frame involved. It is a good idea to read any posted company reviews.

Thoroughly Review the Terms and Conditions of The Appliance Warranty

Once you have completed your research and selected the best company to provide protection for your appliances, you should review the terms and conditions of the warranty contract before you sign the agreement. Your checklist should include:

  1. The names of all covered appliances, including parts and labor.
  2. A concise statement regarding coverage of pre-existing conditions.
  3. What the warranty company considers proper maintenance for covered appliances.
  4. A list of exclusions and actions that can make the contract invalid.
  5. The availability of emergency assistance, including on-line and telephone contact info.
  6. A stated limit to the number of claims during the contract period.
  7. Information regarding any penalties for cancellation of the appliance warranty.

The eventual breakdown of appliances should be anticipated with as much advance preparation as possible. But there should be no surprises in connection with the coverage and protection afforded by an appliance warranty contract. Don’t be afraid to challenge the warranty company’s resolution to your claim if you disagree. Be ready to solicit the help of management if necessary.

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