The Top 5 Best Massage Therapy Schools

a massage therapist works on the shoulders of a client

In today’s world, it is obvious that quality education increases your chances of a quality career. Getting a degree from a good school will not only help you prepare for future exams, but also earn you respect and credibility that you will eventually need to land the job of your dreams. Quality education is just as important when studying massage therapy. Here are the five top-ranked massage therapy programs in the US:

1. Cortiva Institute

If you’re interested in living in Washington, Arizona, Illinois, Florida, New Jersey, Massachusetts, or Pennsylvania, you should consider enrolling in Cortiva Institute. Throughout these seven campuses, you will have the chance to participate in programs lasting anywhere from 9 to 21 months. The lengthy programs give you ample amounts of time to learn everything there is to know about massage therapy. In fact, you will pick up somewhere between 750 to 1,000 hours of training. The tuition itself is around $9,280, which is about $1,720 less than most colleges.

2. National Holistic Institute

For those that live in California or would like to relocate to the Golden State, the National Holistic Institute is worth a look. There are five different individual schools within California, where students go through a 720-hour program. During this time, the instructors cover everything from massage guidelines to what it takes to develop a career in this field. For this school, the tuition costs about $14,039.

3. Soma Institute

The Soma Institute is located in Chicago, Illinois. In particular, this school has a 98 percent job placement rate for those who graduate with high honor, making it worth consideration. Also, the Soma Institute offers a 750-hour diploma program specifically in Clinical Massage Therapy, as well as a 300-hour Master Clinical Massage Therapy program. The tuition here is $14,150.

4. Southwest Institute of Healing Arts

The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts is based out of Arizona. This school has various diploma programs in massage therapy to choose from, so you can specifically study the area that interests you. In fact, one of their most popular programs is a 1,000-hour Master Massage Practitioner diploma. The cost to attend this school averages $15,000.

5. Academy of Massage Therapy

The Academy of Massage Therapy is located in New Jersey and provides students with a 34-week massage therapy program. Through this time, the students gain 614 hours of experience. Besides this, the Academy of Massage Therapy also has a 1,149-hour Clinical Massage Therapy program, which runs for 52 weeks. The tuition costs roughly around $4,472.

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