Telltale Signs Mom or Dad May Need Help

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Telltale Signs Mom or Dad May Need Help

You want to ensure that mom and dad are well taken care of in their senior years. Beyond making sure that their retirement plans are holding up and being sure to visit, you are also the best advocate for their health care. While the idea of getting home care or entering an assisted living situation might seem intimidating or unpleasant, there are certain signs that it might be time for a little more help.

Difficulty With Daily Tasks

Some seniors may start to have more difficulty with daily home and self care. If your parent seems to be wearing the same clothes every time you visit, is unable to care for the home or lawn, or has started falling back exclusively on microwave dinners, they may be in need of a little more help.
If your parent used to be meticulous about housework but now seems to be allowing grime and clutter to build up, this may be another sign of struggling. Forgetting to take medication or taking it incorrectly are also a sign that it’s time for help.

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