Overactive Bladder Treatments

a roll of toilet paper symbolizing overactive bladder

Overactive bladder is a sudden and involuntary muscle contraction that causes a patient to feel the urge to urinate many times in a day.

This usually happens more often to women and older people, but it doesn’t mean that it is always part of the aging process. This abnormality in your bladder should be given the right attention. A person shouldn’t be ashamed to have this condition. If you are experiencing signs of overactive bladder, go to the doctor right away to be given the right treatment.

The three main causes of overactive bladder are weak pelvic muscles, urinary infections and food intake. Pelvic muscles get weaker due to age. That is why older people are prone to this condition. Urinary tract infections can also cause an overactive bladder. If you have pain when you urinate or when your bladder is full, you might have an infection. Another thing that can cause overactive bladder is the food we eat. If a person eats too much spicy food or consumes too much caffeine or alcohol, the bladder tends to become irritated.

What are Overactive Bladder Symptoms?

Overactive bladder symptoms include frequent and unusual urination, urge incontinence, nocturne, or urinating in the middle of the night, and urgency to urinate. Frequent urination means you are going to the bathroom more than 8 times within 24 hours just to urinate. Urge incontinence means that you experiencing leakage, sometimes without even noticing it. Nocturia means that you awaken in the middle of the night more than 2 times to urinate. Urgency to urinate is the feeling that you can’t hold on anymore. You feel that you will not reach the bathroom.

These overactive bladder symptoms are very uncomfortable and can ruin your lifestyle. It would be hard for a person with overactive bladder to take a long trip because any minute they might feel the urge to urinate. It can be a very depressing and stressful condition. If a person experiences these overactive bladder symptoms, it is always advisable to go to the doctor to be treated accordingly. A person shouldn’t let this condition ruin his or her life. There is always a way to handle this situation. You do not have to live a miserable life or feel sorry for yourself when there is always a doctor who can help you.

Overactive Bladder Treatment

A person with overactive bladder should not despair because there are overactive bladder treatments available. Overactive bladder treatments depend on the abilities of the person. There are surgical treatments as well as pharmacological treatments, such as medication. Pelvic muscle rehabilitation and behavioral therapies are often recommended. These usually involve performing keel exercises. These exercises help pelvic muscles to improve their strength. These exercises are also helpful to prevent urinary incontinence. The exercises should be done 30-80 times a day for 8 consecutive weeks or more.

To regain control of the bladder, behavioral therapies are sometimes needed. These therapies include bladder training techniques and toilet assistance, or scheduling of toileting, that will help to avoid leaking. There are many exercises that a patient can do to work with the bladder, just know the right approaches to this group of muscles. You can do these while taking medication in order to be more effective.

However, don’t just try to treat yourself. It is still important to see your doctor. They will tell you what overactive bladder treatment is right for you.


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