Online English Courses that Pay for Themselves

a teenage boy takes an online english course

There are countless online English lessons. Some require a paid subscription or an enrollment fee, while the amount of free English courses seem to outnumber them. Although free online English classes are appealing, you may find that the best online courses cost money. Don’t be discouraged by the price tag; invest in your future by investing in English classes.

English proficiency is priceless.

Becoming fluent in more than one language is not only personally enriching; learning another language can enhance your professional career as well. English is considered to be a universal language, and even a basic understanding of the language can lead to new opportunities.

Knowing how to speak English makes you are more hirable job candidate, regardless of the industry or occupation. Since English is spoken in nearly every corner of the world, the language barrier between international business partners can be easily bridged through a shared understanding of English. And while there are many business-specific English courses, plenty of resources also exist for casual English or travel conversations.

Paid vs. Free Courses: Is it worth it?

“Why should I pay for lessons when I can learn how to speak English online for free?”

If you’ve considered learning English online, you’ve probably asked that question. With cost-free podcasts, videos, and certification courses, there are plenty of free online language resources. Why would you purchase lessons when you can learn for free?

Before selecting a course, think about what you aim to get out of learning English. Ask yourself why you want to learn the language. While some free courses lead to fluency, a majority of the unpaid English lessons only provide a foundation of the language. Many free courses give an introduction to English grammar and basic vocabulary words, plus touch on general conversation points. Furthermore, these free courses lack the guidance and intensity that is common among paid English courses.

Paid online English courses are often comparable to a real classroom course. Web sites like Live Lingua, Verbling, and Englishtown allow you to meet with an instructor via video chat. Instead of learning from prerecorded video, you can interact with your teacher in live time and receive instruction tailored to your very own curriculum. If you like the community of a classroom, you can sign up for a live webinar led by a trained teacher.

When enrolled in a paid online English class, you can guarantee that your instructors have at least a Bachelor’s degree. Many have a Master’s or PhD—and all have experience teaching English as a second language. If you want to dedicate yourself to English proficiency, consider a premium course. Remember: you get what you pay for.

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