Is Natural Skin Care Actually Better?

a woman explores natural skin care products at a store

Taking care of your skin is not a task that you should take lightly. But what does that mean for the type of products you should use?

What Constitutes Natural Skin Care Anyway?

Is there really any difference between cheap drugstore cleanser and an expensive one labeled “organic”? Are these types of products with “natural” ingredients really any better for the environment or your skin?

Well, that depends on what exactly you are looking for in a skin care regimen. The specific needs of your particular skin type should also factor into the decision. When looking for good skin care products, most people typically are looking for a number of things. Some seek products that promote soft skin, lead to better and more noticeable results, and have a small environmental impact. Other consumers are less picky and are only looking for one of these features or a smaller combination of them.

Are Fragrances and Preservatives That Bad?

If you want a product that does not contain fragrances or preservatives and uses recycled packaging, this can usually be found with an organic product. However, just because a label says “organic” or “natural” does not necessarily mean it is better for your skin. If you have highly sensitive skin, natural or organic products may work better to avoid irritation to your skin. This is not always the case, however.

In fact, it is even possible for natural skin care products to contain allergens that further irritate your skin. Recent studies have shown that some commonly used ingredients in natural beauty products can potentially cause allergies to develop after repeated exposure. The European Union, therefore, is considering warning labels for items with chamomile and lavender.

Should You Stick With It?

It is important to give any product that you are considering at least a month to determine if it is meeting your skin care needs. You may find that natural ingredients tend to work the best with your skin type. Still, it is important to know that organic and natural skin care products are not always the answer just because they are more expensive.

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