How to Find a Bankruptcy Lawyer

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Filing for bankruptcy is a complex process, and it’s not best to do it without professional help. This is why you should hire a competent and reliable bankruptcy lawyer to guide you through this difficult process. When you’re deciding who to hire, there are several things to consider. You should be prepared so the process will be as easy as possible.

Where to Look

The first step in hiring a bankruptcy attorney is to begin looking for one. If you have a friend or family member who went through bankruptcy, you could start by asking them if they liked their lawyer. You should also check through bankruptcy attorney directories. There are great online directories that can help you find reputable attorneys near your home. Once you’ve found several possibilities, it’s time to decide who to choose.

How to Know Which Lawyer to Choose

There are many things to consider before choosing a bankruptcy lawyer. If you don’t hire a reliable and reputable attorney, you could end up going through a difficult and costly mess.

You need to look at the price each lawyer charges. Attorneys that are very cheap are not to be trusted because they’ll probably cut corners or do shoddy work. Find a lawyer that charges a rather reasonable price.

Attitude is another important thing to consider. A bankruptcy attorney who is rude and doesn’t care at all about your situation could end up causing you more harm than good. Find someone who is professional, knowledgeable, kind, and compassionate.

You also need to check the references and former clients of the lawyer you are looking to hire. Ask former clients if the attorney charged hidden fees, if they did a satisfactory job, and if they were capable and knowledgeable.

Don’t hire a lawyer with several different specialties. It’s best to hire someone who specializes in bankruptcy only. This will ensure that they have the skills necessary to handle your case.

What You Should Be Ready to Answer

When you’ve hired a bankruptcy lawyer, be prepared to answer some questions when you meet them. If you have any unfiled taxes, be ready to answer the attorney’s questions about why you haven’t filed them. You should also be prepared to tell them if you’ve filed for bankruptcy before and how long you’ve lived at your current residence. You also have to tell them how much debt you are in. If you don’t answer these questions, your attorney won’t be able to help you as easily.

The Types of Questions They Should Ask

Bankruptcy attorneys should ask for several different documents. You must give them things like tax returns, income documentation, and other important documents. Also, the attorney should ask you about the value of your home and car and whether or not you own these things. In addition, attorneys will ask for identification and about other general information.

Filing for bankruptcy can be stressful, but with a reliable bankruptcy attorney, you can get through this difficult process much more easily.

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