Best Free Online Courses Available from Colleges

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Looking for a way to save money on your education? With so many schools now offering free online courses, you have the chance to study a subject that interests you without spending a dime. Check out some of the best classes currently available.

Communication and Conflict in Couples and Families

Available through the University of California, Communication and Conflict in Couples and Families is a college online course that looks at what causes conflict in familial units and how to resolve those issues. The course consists of 17 different lectures that you can view online, which might make you feel like you’re actually in the classroom. Taught by two different professors, the classes go over topics that include attraction, managing differences in individuals, how to make relationships better, and the importance of intimacy. Though it doesn’t involve any separate work in the form of quizzes or papers, it does give you a better look at how you can improve and change your own relationships.

Foundations of American Cyber-Culture

Foundations of American Cyber-Culture is a short class available through the University of California Berkeley. Professors working in the college digitally record their lectures and place those lectures online, and you can view each lecture on your own time. The class looks at the history of cyber-culture and how it came about in the country, including the rise in popularity of blogs and how artists use digital media to create new pieces. If you ever wanted to learn more about the artwork and articles you see and read online, now is your chance.

Introductory Business Law

Introductory Business Law is a required course from criminal justice, business, and pre-law majors. Education Portal offers this Business 103 class for free on its site, and you can use the class for course credit at many colleges. The online course includes more than 20 classes on constitutional law, employee law, contract law and other topics. You’ll read the materials posted online for each topic, complete assignments on your own, and even take a final exam at the end of the class.

Introduction to Computer Science and Programming

MIT is one of the largest and most reputable schools in the country, and it now offers a number of free online courses through its MIT Open Courseware program. One of the most popular classes that it offers is Introduction to Computer Science and Programming. Designed for students at the bachelor’s level, the course includes video lectures and other videos that give you a basic understanding of computer science topics. You’ll also take exams, read online textbooks, and complete the same assignments as other students do.

The Supernatural in Music, Literature, and Culture

MIT also offers an anthropology course titled The Supernatural in Music, Literature and Culture that might qualify for course credit at your own school. The online course examines cultural works from the 17th century to the present day and asks students to draw their own conclusions on the impact that spirituality and the supernatural had on the world. It’s a fun way to learn more about history as you write papers, research topics on your own and attend virtual lectures. Check with your current school about whether you can earn credit for the free online classes that you take.

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