7 Fun Photography Gadgets You’ll Love

an assortment of camera lenses

When photography is both your hobby and your job, investing in gadgets to increase your flexibility and creativity is a must.  But it can be overwhelming to decide which item you want to purchase next. Once you’ve got your camera body and a decent, go-to lens, it’s time to branch out and try to find some fun gadgets. Here are 7 gadgets that you will want to purchase right away.

1. Lensbaby

Lensbaby makes creative SLR lenses to help anyone get out of their comfort zone and capture a new type of image. They have a line of lenses in which each lens has a different effect and style. The Spark is the recommended entry lens for people looking to try out Lensbaby. Spark features a unique selective focus optic and a tilting lens body. This allows you to capture images that have a spot of focus, surrounded by blur, in-camera instead of doing this during editing.

2. Macro Lens Filters

Macro lens filters are a great way to play with close-up photography, but without having to invest in an expensive macro lens. These filters can be purchased for less than $10 so they are perfect for photographers on a tight budget wanting to try something new. One thing to know about these filters is that you need to be very close to the item you are photographing to get the proper effect.

3. Attachable iPhone Lenses

iPhone camera lenses can be a great way to take your photography love mobile. There are many sizes and types including zoom and fisheye. These lenses can help you get creative with spontaneous photo opportunities.

4. Level Camera Cube

The level camera cube is a fun way to keep your photos straight. You simply slide the cube into your camera’s hot shoe and align your shot using the bubbles in the level.

5. Pin Hole Lens

The pinhole lens goes on your camera just like a regular lens. It gives you a creative lo-fi look to your images. It can take a lot of playing around with to get the feel for this lens, but once you get it figured out the results are awesome.

6. Bottle Cap Tripod

The Bottle Cap Tripod is an awesome invention that can help you get great group shots, and steady, low- light photos. Grab the nearest soda or water bottle, stick on the Bottle Cap Tripod, and you’re all set.

7. Nice Clip

The Nice Clip is great if you are prone to losing your lens caps. The nice clip permanently attaches to your lens cap and makes it easy to clip the cap on your shirt, pants pocket, or even your camera strap.

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