6 Best Pet Insurance Companies

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a dog jumps on its owner to thank him for purchasing pet insurance

Pet insurance has become increasingly popular in recent years as plans become easier to find and more affordable. Unfamiliar with pet insurance and how it works? Read on and learn about the six best pet insurance companies, types of coverage they offer, and average costs of their monthly premiums.

1. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

This company, consistently chosen as the #1 pet insurance company by customers, offers dog, puppy, cat, and kitten insurance plans. They also offer the following annual deductible levels: $100, $150 and $500. Like most pet health plans, there are certain exclusions such as pre-existing conditions, pregnancy, and congenital conditions. Although they do not offer wellness care, they offer alternative care policies that cover acupuncture, hydrotherapy, and chiropractic care. The average cost for an 80% coverage policy with a $250 deductible is $27 per month.

2. Veterinary Pet Insurance

This company offers comprehensive, medical plan, and emergency care policies.  In addition to dog and cat insurance, they also offer policies for birds and other exotic pets. The average monthly cost for these policies ranges from $10-$35, depending on the pet and the type of coverage you choose, but they will pay out anywhere from $7,000 to $14,000 a year in claims.

3. Petplan Pet Insurance

Petplan offers both cat and dog policies as well as a covered-for-life guarantee that ensures your pet will always be covered as long as premiums are paid. This company is known for having the fewest number of exclusions. They offer gold, silver, and bronze plans that include maximum benefit amounts ranging from $10,000 to $22,000. Clients can choose from $50, $100, or $200 deductibles. Depending on the policy, premiums range from $28 to $33 per month.

4. Trupanion

With coverage in 50 states and Canada, Trupanion covers cats and dogs eight weeks to 14 years old. Deductibles are for each condition rather than a straight-forward annual deductible. They’re known for excellent customer service and also because they offer unlimited benefits and have no limitations on accident or illness coverage. They’re premiums are based on dog age at enrollment, breed and gender of dog, geographic location, deductible and if the dog is spayed or neutered. They have one basic comprehensive plan that pays 90% of the vet bill and offers plans with no deductible or up to $1,000 deductible.

5. Embrace

This company has a variety of plans. From dog, puppy, cat and kitten policies that have a 15-day waiting period and include wellness exams and spay/neuter fees to the wellness policy that has no deductible, no co-pay, and no waiting period. They also offer various discounts as well as prescription drug coverage. Premiums can range from $25 to $50 per month depending on the deductible and the maximum coverage amount chosen. Embrace also offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

6. PetFirst

Offering both a standard and a lifetime policy, PetFirst gives clients the choice a plan that has a per-occurrence payout limit and many exclusions or a comprehensive plan that has a maximum annual payout limit of $20,000. Their average plan is only about $25 but comes with the option of saving money with family plans. They also offer clients the opportunity to customize their plans to meet the needs of the animals and their budget. Their Lifetime plan even provides coverage for chronic, hereditary or breed-specific medical conditions.

In addition to the six pet insurance companies listed above, there are other companies offering pet insurance with equally high reviews such as Pets Best Insurance, Pet Partners, ASCPA Pet Insurance, and Pet Premium Pet Insurance. Look on their websites to receive a free quotes based on your specific animal’s age, breed, health, and more.

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