5 Tools for Strong Oral Hygiene

a collection of oral hygiene tools including toothbrush, floss, and mouthwash

A lack of oral hygiene can lead to embarrassing conditions such as bad breath and stained teeth. More importantly, if left untreated, it can lead to more serious health problems like infection and tooth loss. Fortunately, keeping your mouth healthy is not difficult as long as you have a strong dental regimen in place. Here are five tools that are absolutely indispensable when it comes to your oral hygiene.

A Good Toothbrush

Choosing a quality toothbrush is the first and easiest step towards good oral hygiene. Your best option is to choose a soft-bristled variety since these toothbrushes are easier on your gums and are flexible enough to get into hard-to-reach places.

The Right Toothpaste

Choosing a good toothpaste is just as important as finding the right toothbrush. Since different brands focus on treating different oral conditions, it’s important to think about what your own individual needs are. Regardless of the toothpaste you ultimately decide on, make sure that it contains fluoride since it’s one of the best lines of defense against tooth decay.


Many people neglect floss in their daily oral hygiene regimens, but it’s one of the most important tools you can use for a healthy mouth. Floss removes food particles that toothbrushes miss and eliminates gingivitis-causing plaque. There are a number of varieties available on the market, but the main thing you should be looking for is a brand that can fit comfortably in the spaces between your teeth. It’s recommended that you floss every time you brush your teeth.

A Powerful Mouthwash

Using mouthwash is not as essential as brushing and flossing, but it’s still a good addition to any oral hygiene routine. Choose a mouthwash that is antiseptic and contains fluoride to get the best results. This will ensure that gingivitis-causing bacteria are eliminated and will protect you against tooth decay. Antiseptic mouthwashes contain alcohol, but there are plenty of alcohol-free varieties that work just as well.

Regular Dental Checkups

While a good toothbrush, floss, and mouthwash are all important components of oral health, regular dental checkups are also essential. Even the most conscientious of people can miss a developing problem. That’s why you need an expert to look at your teeth from time to time. Ideally, you should have a checkup every six months, but if you’re careful about your hygiene, an annual visit should do the trick as well.

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