5 Things That Affect Your Life Insurance Quote

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5 Things That Affect Your Life Insurance Quote

You want the lowest premium possible, and you know that your life insurance rate is affected by your health. Did you know that your driving record also affects your life insurance quote? There are plenty of things that you may not suspect that could be making you pay more each month.

1. Age

Of course, age is one of the largest determinants for life insurance. This is why life insurance for elderly individuals is much higher than someone who buys a policy at age 40 or younger. Young people have the ability to pay for their life insurance over a longer time period when compared to seniors. Since age is one of the biggest factors that determine your life insurance rate, it’s good to get coverage at a young age.

2. Gender

Gender is the next determinant for pricing. Insurance providers use statistical models to approximate how long someone will live, and studies show that women live longer than men. On average, women live five to ten years longer than men. Unfortunately, this means that men pay a higher life insurance rate than women because women have a longer amount of time to finish paying on their policy.

3. Driving Record

As mentioned before, your driving record could be affecting your life insurance. Driving recklessly is a hazard to your life, and life insurance providers charge more if you’ve had a DWI, DUI, or even traffic violations. Some companies like Mutual of Omaha check the driving record for any applicant between the ages of 18 and 45 that request $100,000 or more of coverage. To keep a preferable premium, you should drive safely and avoid traffic violations.

4. Lifestyle

You may not think that a hazardous lifestyle could affect your life insurance, but it does. Your hobbies and pastimes can increase your life insurance quotes by quite a bit. For example, someone who races cars will pay more than someone who has a hobby of reading. Racing cars, climbing mountains, and other activities are considered “high-risk” activities because of their increased mortality rates. Some companies even charge more for dangerous professions like mining, transportation, or fishing.

5. Family Medical History

You have a lot of control over your own health, but our family medical history is completely out of your hands. There isn’t much you can do about your gene pool, and a family history of stroke, cancer, and other serious medical conditions can increase your life insurance quotes substantially. Conditions with high mortality rates increase your risk of passing at a younger age, so insurance companies want to be sure you have time to pay off your policy to give you adequate coverage. Some life insurance providers put more emphasis on your family medical history than others, but a record of ailments will affect your premium.


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