5 Mistakes to Avoid During a Vegas Wedding

elvis and a younger woman celebrate their vegas wedding

Weddings aren’t easy, but Las Vegas destination weddings can be even more troublesome. While most Vegas wedding packages are designed to be stress-free, these mistakes can turn your beautiful day into a disaster.

1. Picking the Wrong Venue

The venue is everything. In most cases, it’s where the photographer will take the majority of your pictures, so research every location before you make a decision. Vegas has over a dozen venues to choose from, and each offers unique wedding packages, photographers, and sometimes even catering. Also, be sure to read reviews from those who have had weddings at the location in the past. The last thing you want is to discover hidden charges or an untrustworthy venue management.

2. Making Plans Before Completing the Guest List

Guest lists are hard to make and take significant time to curate, but the first thing a chapel will ask is, “How many guests are you planning?” While some Las Vegas wedding venues are prepared to take over 100 guests, others have very limited space, which may require you to cut back on guests substantially. Before making any plans, complete your guest list, so you know exactly who will be coming and what to expect.

3. Not Setting a Realistic Budget

The average cost of a wedding is between $20,000 and $33,400, which is daunting. If you want a classic wedding with a beautiful white dress, a stylish tux, glimmering jewelry, a fantastic photographer, and catering that will taste great, you should expect to pay somewhere around this. Las Vegas can be even more expensive since it’s considered a wedding destination.

Research how much it’ll cost to purchase clothing in Las Vegas versus flying in the clothing and accessories. Most venues offer wedding packages that will include flowers and entertainment, but make sure to read over each package thoroughly.

4. Misunderstanding the Vegas Wedding Package

Weddings in Las Vegas are a big business, but you can save money by purchasing a wedding package that encompasses everything you need for your day. The biggest mistake any couple can make is to misunderstand what’s included. While some include bouquets for the bridesmaids, others may not. Additionally, some packages may include transportation while others expect you to find your own way to the chapel. Make sure to study wedding packages carefully, and check with the venue to ensure you’ll get everything you need.

5. Ruling out a Wedding Planner

Most couples aren’t professional wedding planners. You may also not know the ins and outs of the area. Since Las Vegas can be a hectic place, hiring a wedding planner that knows the city is essential. Not only will these planners give you tips and advice (like knowledge of prime traffic time or traditionally busy times of years), but they can also help you scope out things to do or discounts that may not be available if you were to try and plan your wedding alone. Wedding planners should decrease the amount of stress you’ll encounter by completing tasks behind the scenes. Just make sure to do your research on finding a qualified candidate.

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