3 Reasons to Switch to a VoIP Business Phone Service

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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone services are revolutionizing the way businesses handle calls from customers and clients. There are dozens of reasons you may be looking for a new provider, but these three characteristics of VoIP phone services will make you wonder why you haven’t made the switch earlier.

3 Reasons to Switch

  1. Cheaper Service and Equipment
    VoIP business phone services are less expensive than traditional phones. Have you ever made an international call on a traditional landline and received a massive bill? VoIP services have less of the sticker shock that is associated with traditional phone companies. That’s because VoIP providers piggyback on top of existing internet infrastructure. Doing so is much cheaper than funding the infrastructure needed to place traditional phone lines across multiple continents. This dramatically decreases the cost of calling overseas and across the nation. Those savings are then passed on to you.
  2. Mobility Using Cell Phones
    Mobility is important for today’s work. You need a phone service that moves with you without losing quality to reach customers no matter where you are. VoIP service includes cell phone options allowing you to connect with your employees out in the field or at the office. Plus, VoIP cell phone options are one of the best ways to cut down your mobile communication costs.  Imagine being able to talk to a customer that called your office even though you’re not at your desk. Who could say no to making work easier?
  3. Better Quality Calls
    As someone who uses VoIP, I can easily say that the quality is a lot better. Traditional lines that can experience interference and sometimes crackle during calls, which can make communication difficult. VoIP offers crystal clear quality and great features, like video conferencing, conference calling, caller ID, and call waiting. With these features, it is easier than ever to talk to customers and employees without your message being misconstrued.

VoIP Service vs. VOIP Phone Systems

But what exactly is the difference between a VoIP service and a VoIP Phone System? You should be familiar with the terminology so you know what you’re getting. VoIP service is offered by a provider who sends your external calls over the internet. This allows for incredibly cheap long-distance and international calling, as well as local calls.

VoIP phone systems are the physical equipment installed at your business to route internal calls over your company’s computer network. The primary advantage is that voice over internet protocol can merge multiple offices onto a single phone system. VoIP phone systems are perfect for a business that often has employees on the go or offices in several locations.

Compare Providers

Since there are so many VoIP service providers, asking each one for a quote can take several hours. You don’t check airline prices by calling each airline individually. So why should you do it for VoIP quotes? Thankfully, there’s an easier way.

You can compare providers quickly using our partners. It’s an easy way to shop for VoIP options without having to spend hours talking to customer service representatives or entering the same information across multiple websites. As a business owner, your time is valuable, and we understand that. Start your search now, and you’ll be on your way to a better phone system in no time.

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