10 Free Online LSAT Prep Materials

a young woman takes notes from a free online lsat prep course

You want to do your best on the LSAT, but if you’re strapped for cash, you can try these free online LSAT prep materials. Whether you’re on the go or studying from a computer, these will be great resources for anyone looking to enter law school.

1. LSAT Center

The LSAT Center is a website that’s specifically designed to help you prepare for the LSAT. It includes free tests, 300-page LSAT courses, admissions consulting videos, and more. You can also find LSAT courses in your area or use their online class offerings to prepare.

2. 7 Sage LSAT Prep

7 Sage is also a popular website among LSAT students to help you prepare, study, and connect with those that are in the same situation. Through this site, you have access to free practice tests, information about test dates, and a sample LSAT course trial. Plus, you can chat with others who are also studying if you need tips.

3. Manhattan LSAT Prep

Manhattan Prep is designed to help people study for a range of tests, including the LSAT. It has a host of free resources for those who are willing to register for a free account. After logging in, you’ll have access to games and live classes, as well as interactive on-demand courses.

4. AlphaScore LSAT Prep Course

An LSAT course can be indispensable for someone studying, particularly as it could increase your score. This AlphaScore course will go over logical reasoning and reading comprehension. You can complete a range of logical games and even take official LSAT exams that are built around similar questions you’ll see on the real test.

5. 4Tests LSAT Exam

4Tests gives you a realistic experience and allows you to take an LSAT exam through two sections: analytical and logical reasoning. The questions are close to what you’d see on the LSAT, but not the exact problems, so don’t study them word for word.

 6. VelocityLSAT

VelocityLSAT is one of the best places on the internet for keeping all your preparatory information in one place. This site not only has the typical practice tests and bubble sheets but also downloads and information that is essential to your studying journey. It also has information about top law schools, explanations on scoring, and the considerations for law school entry.

7. Law School Admissions Council LSAT Prep

One of the best ways to study for the LSAT is going straight to the source. The Law School Admissions Council offers a practice test that was actually used in June 2007 along with a real writing sample. While the questions won’t be the same as the ones on your test, you’ll get a general idea of what you can expect from the people who make the test.

8. LSATMax

Are you on the go? LSATMax is the app you need for your Apple device. Harvard Law School alumni created this app, and it offers over 8,000 previous questions from officially licensed tests. This app will also track your progress and highlight your weaknesses, so you know where to study the most.

9. Magoosh LSAT Prep

For those on Android, this is just the app for you. Magoosh has logic games, logical reasoning questions, and reading comprehension tutorials. It also offers video lessons and tracking, so you know where to study harder.

10. Khan Academy LSAT Prep

Lastly, Khan Academy has been a big name in helping students for years now. This year, they’ve announced free LSAT prep for everyone. The most significant benefit of using Khan Academy is that they’re partnering with the Law School Admission Council for the best resources. Unfortunately, you can’t start using this resource until late 2018. But it is coming!

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